Honest Jobs

Branding + Site Design | March 2020-June 2020

Project brief

Honest Jobs is a fair-chance employment platform for formerly incarcerated individuals. This year, Franklin County helped fund the development of the product. With a launch date of July, Honest Jobs needed help creating the user experience for their product and well as establishing a visual brand language. 

My role

I was the only designer on this team. My responsibilities included creating a brand from scratch, establishing brand guidelines, designing the marketing site, and the product design for the user interface. Due to the tight timeline, I was able to complete some basic usability testing but did not spend a significant amount of time in the early discovery phase of the design process.

Brand Guide

I facilitated a 3-hour workshop with Harley, the founder of Honest Jobs, to learn more about his goals for the brand. We started with brands that inspired him, analyzed them, and then began to develop the key attributes of Honest Jobs’ brand language.